CSharp interview questions for fresher and experienced


  1. What are components of .Net Framework? Discuss architecture of .Net framework?
  2. How does compilation done in .net?
  3. What is JIT and type of JITs in .net?
  4. What is NGEN utility?
  5. How can .Net framework supports multiple language?
  6. What is CLR, CLS and CTS?
  7. What is assembly? What are the types of assembly?
  8. What is GAC ? How does it solves the DLL Hell problems?
  9. What is Strong Name? When do we need strong name?
  10. What is Delay Signing? Why do we need it?
  11. What is Garbage collector?
  12. What is Generation in garbage collector?
  13. What is manage code and unmanaged code?
  14. What is IDisposable class and why do we need it?
  15. Difference between Dispose and Finalize method?
  16. How to implement IDisposable Pattern and advantage of using it?
  17. What is Satellite assembly?
  18. What is Reflection? How to use reflection? What is need of reflection?
  19.  What is ILDASM and ILASM? How to work with ILDASM?
  20. What is Generics? Advantage of using Generics? How does Generic impact performance?
  21. What is Generics Constraints?


  1.  What is abstraction and encapsulation? Give real time example?
  2. How to implement abstraction and encapsulation in c#?
  3. What is difference between IS and AS?
  4. What are the Access Modifiers in C#?
  5. Difference between Private Protected and Protected Internal?
  6. Difference between Value Type vs Reference Type?
  7. Difference between Struct vs Class?
  8. What is CallByRef vs CallByValue?
  9. Difference between Float vs Double vs Decimal?
  10. Difference between Ref and Out keyword?
  11. Difference between Var vs Dynamic?
  12. Difference between Static vs Const vs ReadOnly?
  13. Difference between Array vs ArrayList?
  14. Difference between Copy() and Clone()?
  15. Differece between String and StringBuilder?
  16. Difference between Static Binding vs Dynamic Binding?
  17. What is Base keyword?
  18. Difference between == vs Equals()?
  19. What is Params?
  20. What is Indexer and how does it differ from property?
  21. What are the NULL Operator available in c#?
  22. What is inheritance? Advantage and Disadvantage of inheritance?
  23. What does c# not supports multiple inheritance?
  24. What is Abstract class and Abstract methods?
  25. Difference between Abstract and Virtual keyword?
  26. What is Interface?
  27. Difference between Abstract Class vs Interface?
  28. When we should use Abstract Class and Interface?
  29. What is Partial Class? Use of partial class?
  30. What is Static class and static methods?
  31. What is Static Constructor? How does it differ from normal constructor?
  32. How to create your own exception in c#?
  33. What is Delegate and Events? Difference between delegate and events?
  34. What is real use of delegates in c#?
  35. What is Generic delegates? Types of generic delegates?
  36. Difference between FUNC, ACTION and PREDICATE?
  37. What is Anonymous method? When do we need anonymous method?
  38. What is Extension Method? Why do we use?
  39. What is collection? Difference between Generic and Non-Generic collection?
  40. Example of generic and non-generic collection?
  41. Difference between Sorted List vs Linked List?
  42. Difference between HashTable vs Dictionary?
  43. Difference between Stack vs queue?
  44. Difference between IEnumerable vs IQueryable?
  45. Difference between IEnumerable vs IEnumarator?
  46. Difference between IComparable vs IComparer?
  47. What is Lambda Expression?
  48. What is Expression Tree? Why do we need Expression Tree?
  49. What is Lazy keyword?
  50. What is Tuples? Why do we need Tuples?
  51. What is ValueTuple?
  52. What is Covariance and Contravariance?


  1. What is difference between Thread and Task?
  2. What are the Thread synchronization techniques?
  3. What is Monitor and Lock? Difference between them?
  4. What is TPL ? How does it differs from Threading?
  5. What is async and await keyword?
  6. Difference between Foreground and Background Threads?
  7. What is Thread pooling?

Design Pattern:

  1. What is SOLID ? What does it stands for? Example
  2. What is Singleton Design Pattern?
  3. Can we use Static class instead of Singleton design pattern? If not, give reason?
  4. What is Factory design pattern? Difference between Factory and Abstract Factory Design pattern?
  5. What is Chain of responsibility design pattern?



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