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Hello friends, This post contains the real interview questions for the experienced software engineer and team leads. These questions will be helpful for the candidates looking for job as senior software engineer and lead.

Technology: c#, .net stack, WebApi, OOPS, Design Pattern, Azure, DevOps.

Company: Betsol

Position: Senior software engineer / Team lead

Q1. What is Thread synchronization and how do you achieve it.

Ans: Locks, monitor

Q2. What is Thread affinity

Ans: Pls Comment your email to get detail answer.

Q3. Best practices or guidelines while using Async/Await?


  • 1.Avoid using Void return type
  • 2. Use ConfigureAwait(false)
  • 3. Use Await keyword
  • 4. Use for any synchronous code inside async method

Q4. What is Generic?

Q5. What is Generic delegates?

Q6. What is L in SOLID Design Pattern? Code Example?

Q7. What is Chain of responsibility design pattern? How to implement using c#?

Q8. What is Microservices architecture, explain different components of microservices?

Q9. Advantage and disadvantage of microservices?

Q10. Difference between PUT and PATCH http verbs?

Q11. In what scenario, we should use VIEW or Stored Procedure? Differences ?

Q12. For Simple application, which uses only one table to fetch data from, Which will be used – or ORM?

Q 13. How to implement security in WebAPI ?

Q14. Suppose your Stored procedure/ Huge Query is slow in performance, what steps will you follow to find out the issues with query and how would you improve it?

Q15. What are the ways to implement Dependency injection in C#?

Q16. Is it possible to use property injection in c#?

Q17. What are the modes of dependency injection in .net core – singleton, transient and scoped. How they are different?


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Hope this post will help you in Job hunting process. This is the another real time interview questions. I would be adding these kind of real interview questions for you guys in my upcoming post. Please let me know if anyone wants the detailed answers for these questions. Happy job hunting.




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