What is artificial intelligence and why it is trending?

what is artificial intelligence

This post describes one of the most popular and trending technology – machine learning. Here, we will talk over what is Artificial Intelligence? How does Artificial Intelligence help us and their application? We will also discuss why AI is getting popularity now.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The word artificial intelligence was introduced by John McCarthy in the year of 1956. It considered the birth of artificial intelligence. According to John McCarthy’s, Artificial Intelligence is the task of developing intelligent machines.

It can be described as artificial intelligence is the process of making computer systems intelligent so that it can do the task that requires human-like intelligence. for example, Language interpretation and visual interpretation.

So, artificial intelligence is a technique of enabling machines to work and behave like a human being.

AI has been used in different fields such as Medical, robotics, sales, chatbots by creating machines and robots.

Application of Artificial Intelligence(AI) :

Some of the popular application of Artificial Intelligence are :

  1. Google search

    You must observe this while searching anything online on google, it starts suggesting the text or keywords. These suggestions are the guesses which google makes based on the data it collects from you. These data can be your search history, your age and location, your personal data etc. Behind the scenes, google runs several algorithms for optimizing the prediction.
  2. Google ads

     Google also shows you the advertisement based on your recent searches.
  3. Healthcare technology 

    IBM Watson technology is able to match through 20 million oncology records and cross verify quickly and correctly diagnose a rare blood cancer – leukaemia condition for a patient. This actually searches through 20 million records within second or minutes and then correctly diagnosed a patient with a disease.
  4. Google’s AI Eye Doctor 

    google working on developing AI system that can examine the retina and correctly diagnose a condition called diabetic retinopathy that causes blindness.
  5. Social media

    Social media platforms use AI for :
    1. Face recognition by detecting facial feature and tag your friends.
    2. Content filtration – Social media uses AI to detect offensive language and fake news by scanning a huge number of contents.
  6. Virtual assistants

    – for example, Alexa, Google Duplex and SIRI.
  7. Self-driving cars

    – It uses AI by scanning visual objects and obstacles.
  8. Netflix

    Netflix shows movie and shows recommendation for every user. Netflix reads each user’s watching history and interest and tries to predict what the user can be interested.
  9. Gmail

    Gmail uses AI and machine learning algorithms to segregate emails among inbox, junks etc. Based on the words used in email, it groups them as separate bucket such as junk, important etc.
  10. Games:

    Some of the predictive solution based game such as poker and chess can also be developed using Artificial intelligence.

Why does artificial intelligence getting popularity now?

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology as we started its journey since 1956, but why does it becomes so popular and trending now?

  1. Now we have more computation power:

    As AI needs a lot of computing power that’s the reason for the slow growth of AI till now. But as we have been made several advancements in the technology we have more computational power now. This is one of the most important reasons why AI is getting implemented easily and in an optimized way.
  2. Have huge data collection: As AI works on the data we collect on different sources and apply the deep learning algorithms on those data to predict correctly. Today, we have multiple sources to collect data such as social media -Facebook, Twitter, IoT devices, Ecommerce review, which produce huge data to work on.

  3. Better and optimized data processing algorithm:

    with the advancement of the new language like python and different fast and optimized deep learning algorithm, we now can process the huge data in very less time and improve the prediction quickly.
  4. Investment of companies and academic institutions:

    AI technology getting used by companies like amazon, google etc for there business operation. Academic institutions like universities also showing interest in the filling gaps of the trained people on data science and NLP.

Conclusion :

In this article, discussed what is artificial intelligence and its application in different sector such as healthcare, customer support etc. 

With current technology advancement, artificial intelligence becomes more feasible to implement and provide a solution. Now, companies like google, tesla, amazon and many more gaining confidence and going for multiple data analysis and prediction based solution. Educational institutions and online training companies also showing much interest to offer several courses specifically designed for artificial intelligence and machine learning.



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