Is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence the same thing?

In this post, we will discuss as the title suggest that how does machine learning related to artificial intelligence. A lot of people asks the question that is machine learning and artificial intelligence the same thing? Actually, these both are not the same term or technologies.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence:machine learning and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be visualized as the broad technology which uses machine learning. Machine learning can be considered as the building block for artificial intelligence.

As we already discussed, Artificial intelligence is a process of making the machine more intelligent by feeding the huge amount of data to the system. These data can be collected based on the category of work it intended to do. For example, for showing ads, google use user’s previous search history for their interest, age etc.

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Machine learning:

Machine learning is a set of methods for providing a lot of data to an AI machine and make it more intelligent.  These data help the machine to make its own decision.

As artificial intelligence is very broad, we have several technologies like machine learning, deep learning, NLP, expert systems, image recognition, visual interpretation etc. These mentioned technologies help to get data and process those data by applying several algorithms on data.

What is the need for machine learning?

1. Availability of huge data:

The need for machine learning arises with the advancement of information technology. So, with this technology revolution, we generate a huge amount of data.

A huge amount of data getting pumped to the internet every day by different means such as through youtube, websites, blog, e-commerce site, IoT and so on.

So, with this huge availability of data, it becomes possible to develop a predictive model which can learn and process data to find relevant insights and produce very accurate output.

With the help of machine learning, several companies like Netflix, amazon develop models by using these data to find the business solution and make a business decision.

So for today’s world, data can be a very important resource for the solution. We only require a better way or intelligent algorithm to handle these data. And the way to handle data is with the help of machine learning, deep learning.

Machine learning can be used to structure, process and get useful information from these data. With the use of a various algorithm, ML helps to make business decisions.

For example, With the sales data and stocks price fluctuations, it can identify the real position of the company and predicted the risk. This prediction can be helpful for the company to make a crucial decision in advance.

2. Fast data processing with Machine Learning:

Another reason for using machine learning is that by developing models and using several statistical techniques, ML helps to analyse data very fast. Processing these tons of data and extracting the predictive patterns takes a long time if done manually. It may take several days or weeks to extract any sort of helpful information from data. But with the machine learning algorithms, we can easily do the computation in a second.

3. Complex problems to solve:

Now, in this technology era, we have very much complex problem to solve which requires huge computation power and speed.

For example,

  • We analyse millions of data to predict or detect diseases like ALS disease, blood cancer etc.
  • For self-driving cars, it needs to analyse the all possible visual objects that can be seen in the real world.
  • For space-related research.

So, For such complex problems, we need to have machine learning and artificial intelligence.


So, Machine learning is helping technology to feed and analyse data to the System. ML is needed as we have a lot of data to manage and handle this data in such a way in order to benefits the human being.


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